Monday, October 8, 2012

How to compare DataTables?

Data Tables can be easily compared. This comparison can be done using Merge () and GetChanges() methods of DataTable class object.

In this article, I am taking 3 DataTable class object- dataTable1, dataTable2 and dataTable3
Here dataTable3 will hold the comparison result of dataTable1 and dataTable2.

Here is simple code-

//Merging datatable2 to data table 

//Getting changes in dataTable3

 DataTable dataTable3= dataTable2.GetChanges();

In above lines of code, first I am merging datatTable1 and dataTable2 and combined result will be stored in dataTable1. Finally to get changes I am using GetChanges() method of dataTable1 object.

DataTable dataTable3= dataTable2.GetChanges();

Here GetChanges() method will return one DataTable class object and  returned result will be stored in dataTable3 object.


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